Fashion CAD software for pattern making for small commercial or home business with pattern design, drafting, grading, marker layout and a fully featured CAD drafting system. Everything for apparel pattern making with fashion cad software. You create standard patterns either by photographing or scanning existing patterns and on-screen insertion of pattern lines and curves on top of the digital image pixels, or by modifying one of the standard blocks supplied with fashion cad. You get grading of patterns to specific sizes or made to measure sizes from your standard pattern design. Detailing and drafting of patterns with seams, text, notches, etc is done using the standards cad drafting tools. The final patterns can be combined in a marker layout for plotting on a wide plotter, or individual patterns tiled to your desktop printer in page sized pieces or output to an hpgl file for emailing to an external printing service. fashion cad provides all the tools for pattern making with you as the craftsman.FashionCAD

Associate Programme.

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Be part of the
FashionCAD success.

We now have
FashionCAD users in 40 countries throughout the world in North, Central and South America; Western and Eastern Europe; Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australasia.

You can take part in, and benefit from, this success (and help it grow further)

Become a
FashionCAD Associate:

You display and promote your own
FashionCAD Web page.
(Even if you don't have a web site we will create a page for you - see below..)
You become one of our
FashionCAD sales team.

As a
FashionCAD Associate you will receive a 10% commission on all sales made as a direct result of "your FashionCAD" web page promotion.

Some frequently asked questions :

How do I set up "My
FashionCAD" Web page.

You don't have to. - We will create a unique page for you on our domain and up-load "Your
FashionCAD" page for you.
FashionCAD" page links to a feed-back form which is unique to you. There are no other links a visitor can use to obtain further information from "Your FashionCAD" page.

How do I promote "My FashionCAD" Web page.

We show you how to enter an automatic (free) submission to 28 search engine's .
We provide the description, list of keywords, etc. You submit to one source for free - they will automatically submit to about 28 Search engines for you.
(You do this once every other month. - It will take you about 5 minutes ) .

You manually submit to 6 top engines - Google, Yahoo, AlltheWeb,MSN, LookSmart, Altavista.
This is the same information as above.(You do this every other month. - it will take you about 15 minutes ). You can also submit to another 120 search engines from the list supplied.

We supply you a list of Free Classified's locations and some editorial.
You customise and place Ad's every other month as they usually expire after 30 + days
(It will take about 10 Minutes) .

As with most activities in life if you put in more effort and time it is likely you will get better results.

When and how do I get my commissions ?

For sales of FashionCAD originating from "Your FashionCAD" page which have resulted in confirmed payment, we pay you your commission by bank cheque, or direct bank funds transfer, at the end of the month following the month the commissions was earned.

Why will this work for you ?

** It costs you nothing.

** You spend less than 30 minutes of your time initially to set it up.

** You spend about 20 minutes every other month updating entries to classifieds, search engines, etc.

** You have no financial commitments, no risk, no worries.

** You receive commissions for each sale made via "Your FashionCAD " web page.

!!! It's a "Win" - "Win" situation for everybody !!!

The reasoning behind our "Associates" Program :-

1. We want to increase our exposure on the internet and make more sales of
FashionCAD software

2. We have, of course, submitted our
FashionCAD pages to search engines with the description and keywords we consider that people who are looking for such a product will stipulate in the words they submit in their search to these engines.

However, all search engines use slightly different methods and many people will express themselves differently in their search words. Many search engines will only use the first few "keywords" that are
stipulated for the web page as the "keys" to match an inquirer's request. So the permutations and possibilities become quite large. Hence, there will be many people who have not as yet found us.

3. Some search engines just look at the web page title, description and keywords used when submitting the page. Others also look at and summarise the page content as well. Each search engine is different.

4. Search Engines "rank" sites also by their popularity which is judged by the number of other sites that have links to your site. We are not a huge organisation like MSN, Yahoo, etc who can "demand" fee's for people to advertise, or provide links and services. When people search on the internet most will only bother looking at the first 20 or 30 entries that are returned ( sometimes out of thousands) . So we want to achieve as high a ranking as possible and ideally get in the first 10 entries that are returned for every search engine for every possible combination of "keywords" that are used by people looking for a product like

5. We cannot submit the same pages with slightly different titles many times to the same search engines as this is called "spamming" . The search engines would ban such pages and for the worst offenders ban the whole site from their index.

6. Maintaining a web site presence does take time as there are many search engines, classified Ad's, Banner Exchange programs, etc., etc..... Within our staff we may only come up with 1/10th the possible words that people browsing the net might use to express in their search request.

So we want to enlist the aid of "Associates" .

On the Associates Web page it says right at the top ...
"Your Name" Associate for
FashionCAD Pattern making software.
Are you looking for PC software for pattern design, pattern grading, pattern detailing and pattern layout, to meet your home or small business needs ?

Then you should review

As an Associate you are not personally making any "claims" , all you are doing is say - "I suggest that you have a look". In this way your integrity and credibility will not be in question.

We do provide instructions and "typical" names, descriptions and a long list of keywords. We ask Associates to use these as a guide to "customise" the description and to add new keywords and place them in the order that you (the Associate) consider most relevant.

In this way we end up with many "unique" new entries relative to
FashionCAD. Each Associate will thus have a "unique" web page which will be seen by the search engines as different and which may match a request for information by someone more closely than our key words do.

Each Associates
FashionCAD web page will have a "link" to our FashionCAD page that the search engines will see ( but not the people browsing it). Our main domain page will also have a similar link to each Associates page. Both these links will then register with the search engines and improve the popularity ranking - and hence improve the position that the search engines display information .

Each Associates page has a corresponding "request submission" page similar to our request for information form. This corresponding page has your Associate ID imbedded in it so that when we receive it (and respond to it) it also "registers" as an inquiry coming via "Your
FashionCAD" web page. We can thus "track" the inquiry back to you and if and when they purchase this is how we know to whom we pay the commission.
If you apply the same approach to Internet Classified Ad's then each one will be different and will point to "Your
FashionCAD" web page.

Hence with Associates we will get more web pages - each registered with a unique entry to the search engines and classified Ad's.. (You contribute your personal "uniqueness" to the input data and your time in creating and submitting this information)

You need to resubmit to the search engines every other month as they tend to place new entries higher than "old" ones. If you do it more frequently then this is considered "unfriendly" by the search engines and they can be "unfriendly" in return and reduce your ranking. With classified ad's they normally expire after 30 days or so and you need to put in a new one every other month.

If we end up with 1000 Associates then we have and extra 1000 "minds" to come up with 1000 different descriptions, keyword lists and Classified Ad's. We have 500 people hours each month helping promote
FashionCAD. We are thus happy to pay commissions for this promotion effort from new sales that are generated. You become part of our FashionCAD sales team.

You would also gain some insight and knowledge into the workings of the internet which can be of benefit to you in the future.

Associate web page :

Click here to view an example associates page :-
(For this example page click the letter on the elevator menu or your browser BACK button to return to this page)

This has been a "long" description - thanks for reading it. Hopefully you now fully understand the motives behind our Associates Program and how it works.

IMPORTANT : Do not expect instant results!. The search engines work fast but they can still take a few weeks to register and make available new web pages. They do not give out their methods and algorithms so no-one can guarantee a top spot listing.

Click here to join our Associates program .
Then fill out the details requested on the joining form.

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Any use of the contents herein without express permission is forbidden

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