Fashion CAD pattern making software for commercial or home business with pattern design, drafting, grading, marker layout and a fully featured CAD drafting system. Everything for apparel pattern making with fashion cad software. You create standard patterns either by photographing or scanning existing patterns and on-screen insertion of pattern lines and curves on top of the digital image pixels, or by modifying one of the standard blocks supplied with fashion cad. You can grade patterns to specific sizes or made to measure sizes in seconds, from your standard pattern design. Detailing and drafting of patterns with seams, text, notches, etc is done using the standards cad drafting tools. The final patterns can be combined in a marker layout for plotting on a wide plotter, or individual patterns tiled to your desktop printer in page sized pieces or output to an hpgl file for emailing to an external printing service. Fashion cad provides all the tools for pattern making with you as the craftsman..Fashion CAD - Software

Pattern making for garment manufacture.
(including pattern design, grading, detailing, marker layout and CAD drafting and plotting.)

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How does Fashion CAD work ?  

1. You create a standard set of patterns for each of your own garment designs:    
Either - by using the blocks provided and modifying then on-screen.    
OR - photographing an existing pattern with a good digital camera and on-screen digitizing pattern lines/curves over the top of the image pixels.    
OR - Create free-form patterns on screen to required lengths.    
Tools ? Measure lengths/distances; Force curves to be same length on adjacent pattern edges; move, trim, mirror, copy, scale, etc.....    
Save your new "standard" pattern in your own library of patterns.

2. Insert grading Control Points (CP's) at the ends of pattern lines/curves to enable control of pattern size when grading.
3. Copy then modify an existing grading file using XL or text editor. Insert measurement distances for the distance between each CP.
4. Open up your "standard" pattern and grade it to a specific size as defined in your grading file - ideal for made-to-measure or for that thin, large or "non-standard" figure shape. Fashion CAD will create a graded pattern size (or range of sizes) in seconds.
5. Detail each graded pattern with seams, text, notches, motifs, grain direction, button/zip locations, etc...
6. Save each new pattern piece and add to the "project file" for your garment.
7. From the project file Fashion CAD will create the basic marker layout which you then optimise for minimum wastage.
8. Print your layout (or individual pattern pieces) to a wide format plotter or "tile" in page sized pieces to your desktop printer.  

Some available options when making patterns :

Using a Digital Camera .
Purchase a good digital camera (approx 5 Mega pixels and 8X optical zoom - typically Fuji Finepix S7000, Nikon 5400 or similar) then position your existing paper pattern on different coloured surface and photograph it. The *.JPG image from the camera is then transferred to you PC and imported into Fashion CAD where you "on-screen" digitize over the top of the image pixels.
Using a Scanner .
Use your desk top scanner to generate an image of a page in a book. The *.JPG image from the scanner is then transferred to you PC and imported into Fashion CAD where you "on-screen" digitize over the top of the image pixels. The size of the pattern image does not matter as Fashion CAD will make the pattern the size you want.
Using Standard Blocks.
You can also start with one of the 200 blocks supplied with Fashion CAD and on-screen modify it to create your standard pattern. There are blocks for women, men, girls and boys in many sizes covering tops, sleeves, skirts and pants. - OR - you can create your own blocks or standard patterns "freehand" using the many CAD tools - on screen.

Place Paper pattern on a wall of different colour

Select a pattern or block from a book

Select a basic block from the 200 blocks supplied.

Photograph the pattern with a good digital camera

Scan the book page with your desk top scanner

Modify a standard block using the CAD tools supplied with Fashion CAD to meet your unique design requirements

Import the digital image into the Fashion CAD work space.
On screen digitize pattern lines/curves over the top of the image pixels to create your standard pattern.

Insert the Control Points which determine the pattern size/shape when grading and create a grading file, using EXCEL, a text editor or NOTEPAD.

The grading file specifies the measurement distances between these Control Points you have inserted into your standard pattern, and between which control points you wish to grade..


Use the Fashion CAD grading module to automatically create your required size, or range of sizes, or variation of the original pattern. In this example automatically creating hipster shorts, at a specific size, from the standard pants pattern.
The flexibility to achieve such tasks is inherent within the way Fashion CAD has been designed to work.


Detail your pattern with automatic (and/or manual) seams, text, grain information, motif's, notches, etc..
Then manipulate your pattern pieces in your layout - move, rotate, mirror, nudge, etc - all the tools to optimise your layout for minimum wastage. Fashion CAD will tell you your percentage of waste.

"Tile" each pattern in page sized pieces to your desktop printer

Output your patterns or marker layout
to a wide format plotter

Output an HPGL format plot file so you can email it to an external print service.

Go to the DEMO page to see audio/visual "movies" of Fashion CAD work sessions.

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